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Are you a pirate?

Are you a pirate? Do you love hunting for treasure? Have you been hunting for your customer but you can’t find them? You know who they are, you know they exist and you know there are a lot out there. You just can’t find them Like a pirate your looking for a treasure and your…

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Are you a camel?

Are you a camel? Camels store water in their hump, an ingenious adaption to ensure they can withstand long periods of time without water. Water as we know is the source of life. So why develop ways so that we can travel away from it? This is crazy thought of lets leave the source of…

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Keep Your Hips Square

Keep Your Hips Square Have you drifted away from your goals? One of the basic skills in coaching kids at rugby is running straight. It’s very common when kids are running and passing they tend to stray across towards the target they are passing to. The reason for this is they tend to turn towards…

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Find your “WITH”

Find your “WITH” Some of you may have seen my comments on LinkedIn this week. A gentleman was struggling to cope with the pressures of work, the expectation of family and time for himself. Everything was just merging into one, and he didn’t feel he was getting anything right,

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The One Thing

The One Thing In Gary Kellers book “The One Thing” he talks all about focusing down to that One Thing you are going to do today that is the most important thing for you to get to your goals. Well, that’s all well and great, but for most of us the thought of only doing…

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Niche Up or Volume Up

Niche Up or Volume Up I have seen a number of articles on LinkedIn and other platforms talking about “Adding Value” to a product or service. To be upfront, I completely agree with the concept of “adding value”. Whenever value can be added to a product or service will provide the opportunity for a higher…

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